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2010 World Series of Poker Bracelet winners Update!!

So Far its been a tough run for the Pros but with Michael Mizrachi’s huge win and Now Men “The Master” Nguyen taking bracelets in some big buy in events maybe the pendulum will shift in the favor of some big name Pros! Awesome job to everyone so far and good luck to those still fighting for their piece of Poker History!! Thanks to for this great info! For great Poker Promos and poker supplies visit Around the Poker Room!!!

$500 Event #1: Casino Employees No-Limit Hold’em Hoai Pham $71,424
$50,000 Event #2: The Poker Players Championship Michael Mizrachi $1,559,046
$1,000 Event #3: No-Limit Hold’em Aadam Daya $625,872
$1,500 Event #4: Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Michael Chow $237,140
$1,500 Event #5: No-Limit Hold’em Praz Bansi $515,501
$5,000 Event #6: No-Limit Hold’em Shootout (2000 players max) Joshua Tieman $441,692
$2,500 Event #7: 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball (Limit) Peter Gelencser $180,730
$1,500 Event #8: No-Limit Hold’em Pascal LeFrancois $568,974
$1,500 Event #9: Pot-Limit Hold’em James Dempsey $197,470
$10,000 Event #10: Seven Card Stud World Championship Men Nguyen $394,807
$1,500 Event #11: No-Limit Hold’em Simon Watt $614,248
$1,500 Event #12: Limit Hold’em Matthew Matros $189,870


WSOP update 3 events already completed heres the winners

The 2010 is now in full swing at the Rio Casino and here are your top 3 finishers in the completed events so far:
Thanks to for providing such great updates!

Event #1 Dealers $500 buy in:
1. Hoai Pham $71424
2. Aurthur Vea
3. Christopher Reider

Event#2 The $50k Players Championship:
1. Michael Mizrachi $1,559,046
2. Vladimir Schmelev
3. David Oppenhiem
This will be one of the few events ESPN will be televising this summer!

Event #4 Omaha Hi Li split 8 or better:
1.Michael Chow $237140
2.Dan Heimler
3.Ylon Swartz

2010 WSOP kicks off!!

The 2010 World Series of poker kicks off today at the Rio casino in Las Vegas. I will keep this blog and my sister blog Around the Poker room updated with all the bracelet winners!!The Amazon room will be the Hottest place on the planet for tournament poker so stay tuned for the results and crazy posts about the action!! The 50k buy in is currently underway with all your favorite pros going after the Chip Reese trophy!!

Is Isildur1 finally named???

April 1, 2010 1 comment

s Isildur1 unmasked?????

I raed this article at Cake poker

Mystery Swede no longer, Mats Sundin admits to being Isildur1.
A pair of media outlets in Stockholm, including Sportradion, are reporting some big news – the mysterious super high-stakes poker player previously known only as Isildur1 is actually retired hockey pro Mats Sundin. According to these reports, Sundin’s agent will be making the official announcement later today.
While he’s kept his identity private until now, Isildur1/Mats Sundin has stepped forward to reveal his identity, in preparation for a live appearance at the upcoming The Big Game IV, on April 11-13th, at Les Ambassadeurs Club in Mayfair, London. Professional poker player Tony G. made headlines when he offered to stake Isildur1 at the event, and even suggested he wear a mask to protect his identity. According to the reports, Sundin will be playing for the charity The Human Fund, and deliberately used the notoriety of his enigmatic online poker handle to help raise the profile of his appearance at the Big Game IV, in support of his charitable work.
Until today, most insiders have assumed that Isildur1 was actually the young Swedish pro Viktor Blom, despite Blom’s assurances it was not him. The reality is surprising, though not as shocking as it seems on the surface. Mats Sundin is known as a relatively skilled poker player and has had some impressive results at live tournaments. He has no shortage of bankroll, even playing to the ultra high-stakes Isildur1 has been known for. Sundin made in excess of $25 million USD during his NHL hockey career, and owns a number of successful real-estate ventures in Stockholm. And those close to the hockey player have stated that he’s spent the last year and a half logging huge hours playing online poker.

NBC’s Heads Up Poker Tournament is underway!!!

NBC National Heads Up Championship List of Match-Ups

NBC ‘s Heads up tournament is underway . With all the biggest names in Poker is going to be another hot tournament filled with Pokers best players and its big names celebrities getting in on all the action. Get more poker news at WDIAV.

This is the list of match-ups:

Club Bracket

Patrik Antonius vs Chris Moneymaker
Leo Wolpert vs Eric Baldwin
David Williams vs Joe Cada
Erik Seidel vs Huck Seed
Dan Ramirez vs Erick Lindgren
Peter Eastgate vs Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier
Stephen Quinn vs Ted Forrest
Dario Minieri vs Jamie Gold

Spade Bracket

Gavin Smith vs Phil Ivey
Richard Edwards vs Scotty Nguyen
Shawn Rice vs Joe Hachem
Gabe Kaplan vs Johnny Chan
Daniel Negreanu vs Jason Mercier
Pieter de Korver vs Mike Sexton
Phil Gordon vs Tom Dwan
Phil Laak vs John Juanda

Heart Bracket

Jesper Hougaard vs Allen Cunningham
Eli Elezra vs Greg Mueller
Annette Dworksi vs Chris Ferguson
Kara Scott vs Dennis Phillips
Brock Parker vs Doyle Brunson
JP Kelly vs Don Cheadle
Howard Lederer vs Phil Hellmuth
Annette Obrestad vs Orel Hershiser

Diamond Bracket

Barry Greenstein vs Vanessa Rousso
Sam Farha vs Antonio Esfandiari
Jennifer Harman vs Jennifer Tilly
Jerry Yang vs Mike Matusow
Darvin Moon vs Bill Huntress
Andy Bloch vs Annie Duke
Andrew Wilson vs Paul Wasicka
Gus Hansen vs Greg Raymer

Another Cash in the WDIAV $1K Tournament

December 1, 2009 1 comment

WDIAV hosted another great Tournament last night on Full Tilt! This was their monthly tournament. In order to play in the monthly tournament you can qualify in the sites forum or by placing in the top 9 of one of their weekly freerolls. This Tournament had slightly over 90 players and 1st place was $300.00. I was doing well in the begining and then took a serious hit and was down to less than 600 in chips. I battled back to the average stack size over the next hour of the tournament. Then as we started to near the final 18 I had over the chip average and slowed down only playing premium hands. I barely made it (BUT DID) to the final table 8th out of 9. Then I won the first hand I played with a shove all in to put myself in slightly better position. The action at the final table was fast and wild!! Two of us forum Moderators and the Admin had made it and also a Pro “Viethottie” on Full Tilt had made and she was incredible with quich aggressive playing. I actually made it to 6th place without playing another hand unfortunately the Blinds and antes had eaten away at my stack which was already on life support! I waited for any A then shoved it all with A2 and got instantly called by the player to my left who had been playing rather wild. He flipped AJ and I got ready to say GG and GL however I caught a river 2 and Im still in this thing. @ other players get knocked out including ” VietHottie” I am once again short stacked and have to make a move with 44 caller the Big Stack shows 88 and my run in the tournament is over. Okay as I was already on borrowed time! I made $85 for my 4th place finish and an extra $35 for winning a side last longer bet with some of my fellow WDIAV friends. Overall $120.00 for time spent having fun with people I like to chat with anyways and in the comfort of my own home!!