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Played in one of Full Tilts new Rush Poker Tournaments!

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I wrote a blog about Full Tilts new Rush Poker tournaments. You can find it at my blog Around the Poker Room!! It was a fun and fast tournament with alot of wild action!! Check out the article and see for yourself!!

Found a great Poker Calculator Poker Office!!

March 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Well I dropped Poker Tracker 3 . It was extremely over complicated and trying to figure out the program cost me well over$100.00. It also caused my laptop to freeze on several occassions durring some large pots. I then ran across Poker Office which so far has been amazing.
Well worth the investment it tracks your play and your opponets but also offers a great odds calculator feature aswell as outs percentages. Check it out today!!

PokerOffice allows you to track all of your opponents actions as well as your own game, while you are playing, without any need for hand histories or user input. It stores all the collected data and brings you summarized statistics reports, spreadsheets, and graphs of you own and your opponents play.
Real time opponent modeling of the players you are currently facing.
Pot odds, probabilities and hand rankings.
Overlayed statistics on the actual poker table.
Real time profit and table tightness graphs

Ballys AC welcome to the dump??

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m in AC this week and I finally decided to check out the Poker Room at Bally’s . Wow what a mistake!! I usually love anything the Harrahs group has to offer, however this place was poorly run and filthy!! The floor had no idea what was going on and they had one waitress for all 16 tables. Seriously WTF?? I have never been so disappointed in a casino. A player at my $2/$4 table asked a short bald guy about the waitress staffing and the floors response was “that’s just how it is.”OMFG are you kidding me. I thought about his response to the player for a second then packed up my stack , cashed out and left. How disgusting, I would rather play poker online in my hotel room.

If your in AC don’t visit Ballys Stay in your room and play poker online.