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2010 World Series of Poker Bracelet winners Update!!

So Far its been a tough run for the Pros but with Michael Mizrachi’s huge win and Now Men “The Master” Nguyen taking bracelets in some big buy in events maybe the pendulum will shift in the favor of some big name Pros! Awesome job to everyone so far and good luck to those still fighting for their piece of Poker History!! Thanks to for this great info! For great Poker Promos and poker supplies visit Around the Poker Room!!!

$500 Event #1: Casino Employees No-Limit Hold’em Hoai Pham $71,424
$50,000 Event #2: The Poker Players Championship Michael Mizrachi $1,559,046
$1,000 Event #3: No-Limit Hold’em Aadam Daya $625,872
$1,500 Event #4: Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Michael Chow $237,140
$1,500 Event #5: No-Limit Hold’em Praz Bansi $515,501
$5,000 Event #6: No-Limit Hold’em Shootout (2000 players max) Joshua Tieman $441,692
$2,500 Event #7: 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball (Limit) Peter Gelencser $180,730
$1,500 Event #8: No-Limit Hold’em Pascal LeFrancois $568,974
$1,500 Event #9: Pot-Limit Hold’em James Dempsey $197,470
$10,000 Event #10: Seven Card Stud World Championship Men Nguyen $394,807
$1,500 Event #11: No-Limit Hold’em Simon Watt $614,248
$1,500 Event #12: Limit Hold’em Matthew Matros $189,870


Pokerdog283 creates a Casino Blog

March 28, 2010 3 comments

Hey readers,
Thanks for keeping posted. I realize I haven’t posted in a few. Ive been busy with the 9 to 5 thing and building a Casino blog. Here is the link The Casino Times. This will be a Casino news Blog offering the latest gambling news and Casino News. I will also be covering news and promotions from many casinos not just Las Vegas related items.This new blog will also cover alot of online casinos and promotions.

Of course Ill continue to build on a promote this blog. Especially with the 2010 WSOP coming up. However if you can I hope you will also support the new site. I am working with a few casinos to become an affiliate so that I can better advertise for them than wordpress allows.

Thanks for your continued support!

Found a great Poker Calculator Poker Office!!

March 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Well I dropped Poker Tracker 3 . It was extremely over complicated and trying to figure out the program cost me well over$100.00. It also caused my laptop to freeze on several occassions durring some large pots. I then ran across Poker Office which so far has been amazing.
Well worth the investment it tracks your play and your opponets but also offers a great odds calculator feature aswell as outs percentages. Check it out today!!

PokerOffice allows you to track all of your opponents actions as well as your own game, while you are playing, without any need for hand histories or user input. It stores all the collected data and brings you summarized statistics reports, spreadsheets, and graphs of you own and your opponents play.
Real time opponent modeling of the players you are currently facing.
Pot odds, probabilities and hand rankings.
Overlayed statistics on the actual poker table.
Real time profit and table tightness graphs

Atlantic City trip report!!

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

I went to AC this weekend to see my parents. They are both from Texas but enjoy playing the machines in the casinos.They flew into the Atlantic City airport so my wife and I drove in to see them. We stayed at the Tropicana Casino which my wife and I had never stayed at but I do like the Poker Room there so we have been to the casino a few times. They also have some nice resturants Carmines and the popular PF Changs.
The casino has really improved since their major remodel a few years back and is styled after the French Quarter in Orleans I think. The room was Okay nothing to write home about which was probably not a big deal anyway since my Parents saw it too. LOL. I had a great time in the Poker Room though playing some $2/$4, and $3/$6 Limit holdem and also some $1/$ No limit. I lost a couple hundred bucks which is not bad since at my level I dont plan on making millions of dollars I just enjoy playing cards. I really enjoy playing live in AC especially on the weekends when you can honestly watch all types and all skill levels of players. From the Sharks to the Fish. the Rocks and the Jackals its great, My favorites are the players that act like fish, then show they are trully Sharks when they drag in the big pots!!! This Saturday and Sunday were no exception especially since Tropicana offers a BadBeat jackpot which was over $140,000.00. This usually has all the early birders( seniors) and the wanabees and all the other types of players hoping to get a piece of the action. Overall I had a great time with my wife and parents in Atlantic City. Good times , Good Food with the best of Company. Id like to take this time in my Blog and thanks my parents for coming from Texas for a visit!! Thanks.
Next time we will have to take another trip to Vegas!!

Full Tilt Promotions!!

November 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Here are the most recent promotions being offered at Full Tilt!
Turn a micro buy-in into your share of $50K in guaranteed prize money and a seat to the MiniFTOPS XIV Main Event by playing the MiniFTOPS Turbo Warm Up.

Get extra cash for the holiday season with Full Tilt Poker’s Holiday Hundred – we’re offering you a $100 bonus which you can accept until 23:59 ET on December 6th.

Earn 3x Full Tilt Points by playing Triple Points Happy Hour ring games and tournaments on November 26th from 15:00 ET through 20:00 ET.

Take part in the Iron Man Challenge this December to earn your Iron Man Year-End Bonus in January. Opt-in and reach Bronze, Silver, Gold or Iron status to qualify for your bonus.

Take part in Sit & Go Madness from December 4th through December 6th to win your share of more than $125K in cash as well as special prizes.

I attached links to Full Tilt through a great site that offers a $100 sign up promotion .They also host a huge monthly freeroll for sign ups!!

2009 WSOP Update from 4 to 2!!

November 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Now we are down to the final 5 and the goal is to get HU by the end of the session which last I had read is about 5am at the Rio In Vegas which makes it about 9 am here on the east coast. I couldnt update because I was at work but I did read about it on Twitter. Next to go is….

Dang it! My other favorite Buchman is out!! Freakin Moon is cleaning house!! Heres how it went. Moon pushing around Buchman raises to 3 million from the button. Buchman moves ALL In!! Buchman A 5. Moon turns over K J. Flop is a blank with 2-9-Q. Then of course the turn drops a K giving Moon the best of it. The river is a 5 of hearts and Ive lost my other perspective winner. This is hand # 271.

Then as if we were on an egg timer it really gets wild. Hand #272. ( Its the hand right after #271) Cada in the SB raises to 2.55 million, The Saout pops it 7.3 million. Cada then fires back ALL IN!! Insta call by Saout who flips over QQ. Cada turns over the ducks (2 2) This actually pretty sick of Cada. The flop is 7-2-9 giving Cada a set of ducks (2 2 2) A 3 and 6 follow and Cada’s stack rockets to 78600000, which is alot of zeroes.

Heres how they finally got heads up. Actually only a few hands later #276. Cada opens to 2.5 million. Saout shoves ALL IN. Cada call immediately and they both turn over their hands. Cada AK and Saout 8 8 the most expensive of coin flips! The flop is a safe one for Saout 5-4-5. Then the dreaded turn is a K followed by a blank river to send Saout towards the door!

Heads up will be The youngest possible winner ever in Joe Cada ot the Logger from Western Maryland Darvin Moon. Here is the chip counts. I want to thank, and the tweets of Barry Greenstein for making this blog possible for someone not even close to Vegas.
Joseph Cada—135950000
Darvin Moon—58850000

Heads up starts 10pm Monday night Vegas time at the Penn and Teller Theatre .