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2010 World Series of Poker Bracelet winners Update!!

So Far its been a tough run for the Pros but with Michael Mizrachi’s huge win and Now Men “The Master” Nguyen taking bracelets in some big buy in events maybe the pendulum will shift in the favor of some big name Pros! Awesome job to everyone so far and good luck to those still fighting for their piece of Poker History!! Thanks to for this great info! For great Poker Promos and poker supplies visit Around the Poker Room!!!

$500 Event #1: Casino Employees No-Limit Hold’em Hoai Pham $71,424
$50,000 Event #2: The Poker Players Championship Michael Mizrachi $1,559,046
$1,000 Event #3: No-Limit Hold’em Aadam Daya $625,872
$1,500 Event #4: Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Michael Chow $237,140
$1,500 Event #5: No-Limit Hold’em Praz Bansi $515,501
$5,000 Event #6: No-Limit Hold’em Shootout (2000 players max) Joshua Tieman $441,692
$2,500 Event #7: 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball (Limit) Peter Gelencser $180,730
$1,500 Event #8: No-Limit Hold’em Pascal LeFrancois $568,974
$1,500 Event #9: Pot-Limit Hold’em James Dempsey $197,470
$10,000 Event #10: Seven Card Stud World Championship Men Nguyen $394,807
$1,500 Event #11: No-Limit Hold’em Simon Watt $614,248
$1,500 Event #12: Limit Hold’em Matthew Matros $189,870


WSOP update 3 events already completed heres the winners

The 2010 is now in full swing at the Rio Casino and here are your top 3 finishers in the completed events so far:
Thanks to for providing such great updates!

Event #1 Dealers $500 buy in:
1. Hoai Pham $71424
2. Aurthur Vea
3. Christopher Reider

Event#2 The $50k Players Championship:
1. Michael Mizrachi $1,559,046
2. Vladimir Schmelev
3. David Oppenhiem
This will be one of the few events ESPN will be televising this summer!

Event #4 Omaha Hi Li split 8 or better:
1.Michael Chow $237140
2.Dan Heimler
3.Ylon Swartz

Played in one of Full Tilts new Rush Poker Tournaments!

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I wrote a blog about Full Tilts new Rush Poker tournaments. You can find it at my blog Around the Poker Room!! It was a fun and fast tournament with alot of wild action!! Check out the article and see for yourself!!

Taking a break pays off in getting back in the money!!

April 17, 2010 Leave a comment

I wrote an article at my other blog Around the poker Room about my recent cash in a $3.30 Turbo tourney with 820 starting players!!

Pokerdog283 creates a Casino Blog

March 28, 2010 3 comments

Hey readers,
Thanks for keeping posted. I realize I haven’t posted in a few. Ive been busy with the 9 to 5 thing and building a Casino blog. Here is the link The Casino Times. This will be a Casino news Blog offering the latest gambling news and Casino News. I will also be covering news and promotions from many casinos not just Las Vegas related items.This new blog will also cover alot of online casinos and promotions.

Of course Ill continue to build on a promote this blog. Especially with the 2010 WSOP coming up. However if you can I hope you will also support the new site. I am working with a few casinos to become an affiliate so that I can better advertise for them than wordpress allows.

Thanks for your continued support!