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Poker Office Hosting a $1000.00 freeroll!!

Hey everyone Poker Office is hosting a $1000.00 freeroll on July 11th. That’s right the great Poker tool and odds calculator program. I personally use poker office for its great Heads Up display feature. They are hosting the freeroll for all new accounts. Don’t forget they also offer a free trial for the program. Check it out here!!

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10 days till Pokerdog283 freeroll on Bodog!!

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is the latest update on the 1st Pokerdog283 no limit holdem poker freeroll tournament on Bodog! In order to qualify for this tournament you must register a new account at using the link provided.
Date:September 9th,2009
Time:8:05PM eastern
Buy In : Freeroll
Prize: $25.00
All Sign ups will be pre registered if they set up an account 24 hours before the event.
Hope to see you there!! Here is the link!

Pokerdog283 Bodog Tournament

July 14, 2009 7 comments

I will be hosting a freeroll on Bodog in September!!! Any player that signs up a new bodog account using my link will be elligible! This will be a pre registered event and the cut off will be 2 days before the tournament starts so once the date is officially announced you have up until 2 days before to sign up via this link! If the turn out is good I will host these more regularly and possibly on different sites! Hope to see you there should be some good fun and of course some good Poker!!

Holdem Poker Chat offering a poker Marathon of Events!!

November 18, 2008 Leave a comment

My friends at Holdem Poker Chat are offering a great event at their site!! Its a multi tournament marathon being held over a variety of sites. Freerolls and low buy in tournaments and also including a great tournament for a great cause”Bad Beat on Cancer” on!! You MUST register at Holdem Poker Chat to enter the tournaments!!

1 12:01 PM EST Pokerstars $100 Freeroll  
2 1:01 PM EST Carbon Poker $5 Buyin with $100 added  
3 2:05 PM EST Full Tilt Poker $5+$5 + $150 added BBoC Game* $5 goes to Charity. pw: charity  
4 3:01 PM EST BetUS $100 Freeroll  
5 4:01 PM EST Carbon Poker $100 Freeroll  
6 5:01 PM EST BetUS $5 Buyin with $100 added  
7 6:01 PM EST Absolute Poker $100 Freeroll  
8 7:05 PM EST Full Tilt Poker $5 Buyin with $100 added  
9 8:01 PM EST Absolute Poker $100 Freeroll  
10 9:01 PM EST Cake Poker $5 buyin with $100 added  
11 10:01 PM EST Pokerstars $10 buyin with $100 added  
12 11:01 PM EST Reefer Poker $100 Freeroll  
13 12:01 AM EST Absolute Poker $5 Buyin with $100 added  
14 1:01 AM EST Cake Poker $100 Freeroll  
15 2:01 AM EST Cake Poker $5 Buyin with $100 added  
16 3:05 AM EST Full Tilt Poker $100 freeroll  
17 4:01 AM EST Reefer Poker $3 Buyin with $50 added  
18 5:01 AM EST Cake Poker $100 Freeroll  
19 6:05 AM EST Full Tilt Poker $3 Buyin with $50 added  
20 7:01 AM EST Reefer Poker $100 Freeroll  
21 8:01 AM EST Absolute Poker $5 Buyin with $100 added  
22 9:01 AM EST Cake Poker $5 Buyin with $100 added  
23 10:01 AM EST Reefer Poker $5 Buyin with $100 added  
24 11:01 AM EST cake poker $10 Buyin With $100 added  

* The 2pm EST Full Tilt Poker Game is a Bad Beat on Cancer Charity Game. $5 from each entry will go to BBoC. We are scoring this as a $10 game.

***Only the Top 20 in each freeroll tournament will receive points. The Top 30 in each buyin will recieve points.– scoring algorithm below.

* Final Schedule subject to change.

** Final Prize amounts may be greater than posted amounts.

*** Scoring Algorithm

A players score for the tournament is based on 3 variables:

1. The size of the tournament
2. Where the player finsihed in the standings
3. The cost of the buy-in

The score is computed using the following algorithm:

score = 10 * (sqrt(n)/sqrt(k) * (1 + log(b*3+4.25)


n = the participant count for the tournament and
k = the players finish in the standings
b = the cost of the buy-in

Overall score is the total of all tournament scores.