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2010 World Series of Poker Bracelet winners Update!!

So Far its been a tough run for the Pros but with Michael Mizrachi’s huge win and Now Men “The Master” Nguyen taking bracelets in some big buy in events maybe the pendulum will shift in the favor of some big name Pros! Awesome job to everyone so far and good luck to those still fighting for their piece of Poker History!! Thanks to for this great info! For great Poker Promos and poker supplies visit Around the Poker Room!!!

$500 Event #1: Casino Employees No-Limit Hold’em Hoai Pham $71,424
$50,000 Event #2: The Poker Players Championship Michael Mizrachi $1,559,046
$1,000 Event #3: No-Limit Hold’em Aadam Daya $625,872
$1,500 Event #4: Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Michael Chow $237,140
$1,500 Event #5: No-Limit Hold’em Praz Bansi $515,501
$5,000 Event #6: No-Limit Hold’em Shootout (2000 players max) Joshua Tieman $441,692
$2,500 Event #7: 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball (Limit) Peter Gelencser $180,730
$1,500 Event #8: No-Limit Hold’em Pascal LeFrancois $568,974
$1,500 Event #9: Pot-Limit Hold’em James Dempsey $197,470
$10,000 Event #10: Seven Card Stud World Championship Men Nguyen $394,807
$1,500 Event #11: No-Limit Hold’em Simon Watt $614,248
$1,500 Event #12: Limit Hold’em Matthew Matros $189,870


WSOP update 3 events already completed heres the winners

The 2010 is now in full swing at the Rio Casino and here are your top 3 finishers in the completed events so far:
Thanks to for providing such great updates!

Event #1 Dealers $500 buy in:
1. Hoai Pham $71424
2. Aurthur Vea
3. Christopher Reider

Event#2 The $50k Players Championship:
1. Michael Mizrachi $1,559,046
2. Vladimir Schmelev
3. David Oppenhiem
This will be one of the few events ESPN will be televising this summer!

Event #4 Omaha Hi Li split 8 or better:
1.Michael Chow $237140
2.Dan Heimler
3.Ylon Swartz

Pokerdog283 creates a Casino Blog

March 28, 2010 3 comments

Hey readers,
Thanks for keeping posted. I realize I haven’t posted in a few. Ive been busy with the 9 to 5 thing and building a Casino blog. Here is the link The Casino Times. This will be a Casino news Blog offering the latest gambling news and Casino News. I will also be covering news and promotions from many casinos not just Las Vegas related items.This new blog will also cover alot of online casinos and promotions.

Of course Ill continue to build on a promote this blog. Especially with the 2010 WSOP coming up. However if you can I hope you will also support the new site. I am working with a few casinos to become an affiliate so that I can better advertise for them than wordpress allows.

Thanks for your continued support!

Kick off 2010 with a WSOP seat!!!

December 15, 2009 1 comment

(Las Vegas, Nevada) 2010 will start out on a high note thanks to the online leader in poker
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The WDIAV New Year’s Day Tournament will begin on January 1st, 2010 at 2:15 p.m. EST and will be hosted by the leading online poker room – Full Tilt Poker. WDIAV forum members, WDIAV rakeback players, Free Poker Cash Bankroll players and affiliates are more than welcome to take part in this one-of-a-kind poker event and should pre-register at the WDIAV New Year’s Day Tournament page to ensure their seat in this online poker tournament. Players have until December 28th, 2009 to pre-register and once registered, players’ names will appear in the Full Tilt Poker tournament lobby 2 days before the start of the tournament.

The 2010 World Series of Poker will be the premier poker event of the year and by winning the WDIAV New Year’s Day Tournament, you are assured a seat next to the best poker players in the world. The grand prize is valued at $1,500 and can be used for the 2010 WSOP event of their choice.

2009 WSOP Update from 4 to 2!!

November 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Now we are down to the final 5 and the goal is to get HU by the end of the session which last I had read is about 5am at the Rio In Vegas which makes it about 9 am here on the east coast. I couldnt update because I was at work but I did read about it on Twitter. Next to go is….

Dang it! My other favorite Buchman is out!! Freakin Moon is cleaning house!! Heres how it went. Moon pushing around Buchman raises to 3 million from the button. Buchman moves ALL In!! Buchman A 5. Moon turns over K J. Flop is a blank with 2-9-Q. Then of course the turn drops a K giving Moon the best of it. The river is a 5 of hearts and Ive lost my other perspective winner. This is hand # 271.

Then as if we were on an egg timer it really gets wild. Hand #272. ( Its the hand right after #271) Cada in the SB raises to 2.55 million, The Saout pops it 7.3 million. Cada then fires back ALL IN!! Insta call by Saout who flips over QQ. Cada turns over the ducks (2 2) This actually pretty sick of Cada. The flop is 7-2-9 giving Cada a set of ducks (2 2 2) A 3 and 6 follow and Cada’s stack rockets to 78600000, which is alot of zeroes.

Heres how they finally got heads up. Actually only a few hands later #276. Cada opens to 2.5 million. Saout shoves ALL IN. Cada call immediately and they both turn over their hands. Cada AK and Saout 8 8 the most expensive of coin flips! The flop is a safe one for Saout 5-4-5. Then the dreaded turn is a K followed by a blank river to send Saout towards the door!

Heads up will be The youngest possible winner ever in Joe Cada ot the Logger from Western Maryland Darvin Moon. Here is the chip counts. I want to thank, and the tweets of Barry Greenstein for making this blog possible for someone not even close to Vegas.
Joseph Cada—135950000
Darvin Moon—58850000

Heads up starts 10pm Monday night Vegas time at the Penn and Teller Theatre .

WSOP November 9 update from 9 to 4!!

November 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay now that I have the sleep and work part over with I can get caught up on the action. Since I live on the east coast Im kind of hit or miss beyond the Dinner Break but this mornings twitter was absolutely wild with action!!
At the dinner break James Akenhead and Kevin Schaffel were eliminated 9th and 8th respectively and in that order. By the way Barry Greenstein did an amazing job keeping the twitterverse up to date on all the action.
So here is the next big events that led us to be Heads up for the Greatest Title in Poker:
This is called hand #179
Phil Ivey shoves all in. Hand goes around to Darvin Moon who calls. Darvin flips over AQ off and Ivey turns over AK and this brings many cheers and Ivey Chants.Meanwhile is eating another apple this entire time ( I wonder if they are honey crisp?) the Flop brought Q-6-6 and the turn a 3 and the river unfortunately for the tons of Ivey supporters was a 5 making Moon the most hated man ( including Helmuth I guess) in Poker.

Then there were 6!
That is… until hand #187 That Bear Sterns Guy. Thats Right next out was Steve” Beggs” Beglighter. Beggs raises a pot to 1.6 million. Moon comes over the top all in. Beggs insta calls and flips over QQ , Moon again has AQ. Flop is good for Beglighter 7-4-8 . Turn is a blank and the Moon spikes a river A. Beglighter is floored and apparently so is everyone else. Its now getting empty at this table as we are down to 5 players.
A9 versus 77
Saout in the SB raises to 5.4 million. Shulman in the BB shoves in his last 200k. The flop comes 10-9-6 giving Saout the lead . The on the turn and river Shulman is unable to improve and is out in 5th place.

Here comes the Big Day!!!! November 9 is back!!

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment

A quick update on the WSOP November9. Finally the Main Event will be completed. Here are some updates. The Poll shows Full Tilt Pro Phil Ivey chosen by the voters to win with a total of 78.05% of the votes. A strech if you ask me but hell Im looking for Akenhead to win and he’s even more of a long shot!!!
The final table will re start tomorrow November 7th and play down to the final 2. Then November 9th the final 2 will play heads up to determine the 2009 WSOP Main Event bracelet winner!!! The ESPN coverage airs November 10th. Then its goodbye to Norman Chad till next Year! so It will be a wild weekend. I will try to keep upto date with the updates. I will try to send some through my twitter so look for them in the twitter box on the right.!!!